Thursday, April 23, 2009

Proud Moments

April 23

Where does the time go? I just can't believe that I haven't made an entry since the beginning of this month.
I've been traveling so much that I almost can't remember where I've been.

From The Villages earlier this month I went to Fort Meyers with my good friends, John and Elaine Hammon from Napoleon, Ohio. John had to have some extensive lazer eye surgery done by one of 3 doctors in the country that can do that type of surgery. We stayed with our mutual friend, Marti. It was a very nice week with such good friends.

Let's see - what was next? Oh, we then drove back to The Villages to get my car and sleep - up early to go to Atlanta to see my daughter, Joy and her great family - very short visit.

On April 11 I departed from Atlanta to spend a night and morning with Shari, my other daughter, and her extended family in Marysville, Ohio. Long trip - another short visit.

Up for Easter worship with Shari and the Bickels - met the Ronschkes and then travelled to Cleveland to see the Cleveland Caveliers play the Boston Celtics. Yes, I have become a LeBron James and Cavs fan.

Stayed in Cleveland at Joel Ronschke's apt. - had a lot of fun and then travelled to New York City to visit with Grandma Hubmeier and see Aunt Phyllis and her family. Grandma is well - she says "Hi" to all and always loves hearing from you. I had a great 2 days at Aunt Fi Fi's. I participated in Alosha's Eagle Scout Ceremony - it was just fantastic - I was personally very proud of him. We then went back to Fi's house and had a good dinner with some very nice friends. Then back to Grandma's where I remain until tomorrow morning - 5 am - have to leave early to beat the city traffic - I should be at Shari's by 6 pm Friday night - surprise - anyone for shuffleboard?

I then begin the task of sorting 2 26 foot u-haul trucks of my belongings. I need help and suggestions. My deadline is May 22 when my family descends upon Marysville to "pick and choose" what they want and to help me prepare for a Garage Sale June 4-7. We''ll also have a lot of fun - eating, drinking and playing cornhole and just enjoying our growing family.

After June 7 I will begin the return to The Villages.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Just e-mail me or post comments as to color and pictures, curtains, furniture, lamps, paint etc. don't be offended if I don't like your comments but i'm open.

BTW, no one has made any suggestions as to my sign on my lawn or lamp post.

I'll show master bedroom and bathrooms at a later date.

Messy desk in study - I could get the 2nd pice that sits over the desk. Pull out couch in study. End tables, lamps, pictures?

Funky fan in study. Dresser in guest bedroom just sitting there.

Guest Bedroom - what to put on the walls? Cutains? Vertical blinds opening to the porch. Curtains?

Close up of small hutch.
empty wall to the right of entry way.

furniture and space

TV Console - 50 inch TV to be placed on it.
Hutch - needs stuff around and on it.

Big Chair - beyond it is blank wall to the right of the entry way. Couch and coffee table opposite the TV.
Couch is to its right.

April 3

I've been e-mailing so much that I haven't blogged in a while. shari, just starting blogging - that's inspired me to "pick up the pace".

So, I've been at The Villages since Tuesday. It's sstill pretty overwhelming - I'm not joking - I think it will take me at least a year to learn and experience every thing here. I'll get more involved when I get back in June. right now I am concentrating on getting the basics done around the house.

I got tired of showing the world my great body(lol) so I had blinds installed yesterday. 5 fans were also installed yesterday. I will need to paint, hang stuff on all the walls and add window curtains to give the rooms some pizazz - done in June and beyond - like years.

Shari, get ready for me to go through my belongings - I need lots of stuff. I think you will need room with Titus now moving in. Then I have to get my little sports car out of Tim's garage and have someone drive it to Florida.

A huge amount of traveling awaits me in the next 7 weeks - Ft. Myers, Fl, Atlanta, Columbus, Ohio, Cleveland(go Cavs), New York City, Mt. Sinai, NY, Detroit, Grosse Pointe Woods, Mi and Richwood, Ohio. I need thoughts on schedule between Michigan and Ohio and how to get my TV and car from Riverview and Grosse Pointe to Columbus. Who wants me? Who cares?

Monday, March 30, 2009

More of Monday - March 30

Here's a few pictures of the house - kind of plain right now - curtains, paint, accessories will jazz it up.

I'm traveling to The Villages tomorrow - March 31 and staying until April 5 - the Hammons are staying the night on April 4 - quick visit.

All of us are then going to Ft. Myers on April 5 - 10. then the big traveling begins - see earlier posts!

I'll be back in The Villages - June 11.

Guest Bedroom

My new toy!

Scenic view of the rear of my house!

Kitchen, dining area and Living Room all rolled into 1

Living Room